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I definitely would have just written "We Love Books" if Kayla weren't so adamant on making me write ACTUAL stuff about myself. Oddly, this is starting to sound like that homework assignment you get the first day you come back from school. So let's see, I'm not the most interesting person in the world.  I absolutely LOVE reading...obviously. Hmm, my favorite color is blue? I'm a professional lazy bum, haha, just kidding. I TRY not to be a lazy bum, I actually like running...non-competitively though. I also play the piano. OH, and I can definitely sing. It's possibly the most beautiful harmony of a cat dying and metal in a blender. So if you need some entertainment at a birthday party, be sure to call me!  Kids, stay in school, don't do drugs...It's not cool. 


Sigh. Explaining myself is always so hard. But, I will try.

I have a boyfriend. (What does that have to do with myself? I don't know. Moving on)
If I actually lived near a Barnes and Noble, I think it would be my second home. I'd probably apply for a job, and keeping trying until they hired me. Stalking at its best.
I have a true love in reading, and have once read 7 books in a week. My friends started getting mad when I was reading with every spare second I had, so I had to stop.
My list of "to-read" books is simply too long. I have SO many books I would love to read, but then new series that I want to read come along and I have to add that. Oh, how difficult life is. 
I dance, I love to dance. Most recently I was in ballet and hip hop performances. I also swim competitively on a team, I really enjoy swim season. 
One of my dreams is to one day open a book store. If there are any printed books left...
I'm really good at math, and it's always been one of my best subjects in school.
Oh, and I'm really scared of bugs. 


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