Review Policy

Thanks for checking out Book Nerd and Proud. Just as a disclaimer, we'd like you to know that this isn't a profession- it's a hobby. We don't take any payment for reviews, these are just our honest opinions.

Books We Review: 
All books we review will usually be Young Adult, and other sub-genres like Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, and Urban Fantasy

When We Review: 
In 2013, we will each post at least three times a month, but we may post more. It all depends on when we have time. In a normal week, K.G. posts on Saturdays and C.J. posts on Wednesdays.

We would love for you to suggest a book, this does not mean we will absolutely read it, but there is a good chance we will. We will accept suggestions to review any and all books, just send us an email with subject "Book Suggestions" at

Guest Reviews:
Anyone can send us a guest review, and we will consider it. You don't need to format it, we can do that for you. Just email us your thoughts and star count at with the subject "Guest Reviews."

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