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Review: Duplicity by Nikki Jefford

If Graylee Perez thought sharing a body with her twin sister was bad, dealing with a duplicate of herself is two times worse. Gray the second doesn’t seem to get that Lee’s boyfriend, Raj McKenna, is off limits. Then there’s the problem of Adrian Montez. He expects one of the Graylees to be his.

Nearly a year later, the council is on to them for past misdeeds; Lee, along with the rest of the coven, has lost control of her powers; and Gray is being stalked by what looks like the Grim Reaper.

If they work together, they may stand a chance of setting things right and making it out alive.

Title: Duplicity
Series: Spellbound #2
Published May 20th 2012 by Nikki Jefford (first published May 19th 2012)
ISBN: 1477688684 (ISBN13: 9781477688687)
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Lee is happy with her new life, and everything is going perfectly for her...that is, until her magic is uncontrollable, plus someone shows up saying that she's Gray. Oh, and to top it all off the council believes they have an idea of who broke into their houses almost a year ago and stole the amulets that kept Adrian's powers blocked.

Gray, unlike Lee who has memories from the past few months, befriending Shay and Max, and spending time with her boyfriend, doesn't remember anything from after the purge, the world has moved on without her. It seems like everyone will side with the Graylee who has been around longer. 

In my opinion this book was better than the first, but also, it confused me. Gray got kicked out of Charlene's body and went to Stacy Morehouse's, now it's Charlene and Gray (who is now known as Lee). Two separate people in two separate bodies, so how does it end up that suddenly a year later there's another Gray? After getting over this fact, the book was really great and well written.

It was interesting to see Lee and Gray, the same person, only one has lived a few more months than the other. It's very obvious the months have changed her, and that Gray and Lee, however alike they originally were, are set on two different paths, to be two completely different people. Two people who, at the beginning of the book, don't seem to be very fond of each other. That puts the reader in an odd place, do I like Lee better, or Gray? I've decided to read the last book, and then decide, because the third book is about Gray, only fair to read her story as well.

Raj made some mistakes in this book, but he truly does try to fix them. I understand how he could be confused when Gray looked how Lee used to, how the girl he fell in love with looked, but they're not the same person anymore. Gray is more edgy and dangerous, while Lee is more tame and forgiving.  

Adrian, however, was an intense and compelling character, I found him to be very surprising. At the moment, he is one of my favorite characters, and I can not wait to read the next book about Adrian and Gray!

The Contact has a part in this book, and was surprising to me, it wasn't what I expected it to be. I'm not sure if I actually like the ending or not, it was bittersweet. The cover, once again, was great. Overall, the both writing and book were better, I'm very excited to start the third! 

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