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Review: Lark's Quest: The Search by Barbara Cool Lee

A tale of silk, sorcery, and romance....

Fifteen years ago she was Lark, the tiny slave girl who witnessed the massacre of the royal family. 

Now she is Lark y Ariane, the most powerful—and hated—of the Silver Isle's magical warrior women, whose skill with sword and sorcery make her unbeatable in battle.

Fifteen years ago he was Raven yr Griffon, the idealistic prince who became a hero to the poor when he championed their secret religion of equality and peace over the nobles' faith in wealth and power. 

Now he is Raven the Innkeeper, a bitter and crippled man who believes in nothing, and wants only to be left alone.

When they meet, they—and the Silver Isle—will be changed forever.

Lark's Quest: The Search is the first in the continuing series of novellas chronicling the fate of the Silver Isle.

Title: Lark's Quest: The Search

Series: Deeds of the Ariane Novellas #1
Published: December 12th 2012 by Pajaro Bay Publishing
ISBN: 9781939527011

I've probably entered the Goodreads giveaway for Lark's Quest: The First Three Novellas about a million times, sadly with no luck. However, I was lucky enough to come across the first novella for free in the Kindle Store, which is also available for the Nook. I'll admit, I don't have much to say about this story considering how it was so short, but the things I can say are only good things.

As I have aforementioned on previous reviews, high fantasy is one of my most favorite sub-genres of Young-Adult books. I always wonder what it would be like to live in a time with long dresses and parties, though it wouldn't sit well with me being inferior to a man just because of my gender. Which is one aspect of this book I loved! The Ariane warriors are respected WOMEN and men don't even try to get in their way.

This story took a little while for me to understand, and by the time the plot thickens and I get into it...the story ends. I guess I take back my comment about only saying good things. This was an amazing novella and I hope to read more whenever the chance presents itself!

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